Why Cyber Security

Cyber Security has been a high priority of the global agenda in the past few years and is now more important than ever, as the attacks become more sophisticated and difficult to detect, have a greater financial impact, and cause widespread credibility damage.


Everyone is targeted

Cyber threats impact governments and corporations alike.

You May Already be Under Attack

In contrast to other business threats, cyber attacks can remain undetected indefinitely.

The Human Factor

Most attacks start after manipulating users within the target company, who are poorly trained for cyber security awareness, attackers will also take advantage of weak passwords or predictable usernames. 90% of the attacks start from employees unintentionally.

What may be the impact for you in case of a cyber breach?

Halt Or Obstruction of Operations

A cyber attack could render your infastructure useless for an unpredictable amount of time and that would be just the start of your troubles.

Information Disclosure

Sensitive and classified data could be exposed to the attackers and that could even be the motive of the attack in cases of industrial espionage. “Hacktivists” could also expose your classified information to the public.

Reputation Shock

Operations halt and/or data leakage can damage your reputation and result in customer dissatisfaction, penalties and regulatory fines.

Financial Losses

Addressing a preventable attack can be very costly, either directly (expenses for reverting the effects of the attack) or indirectly (delayed sales and income)

Establishing a Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)

Constant Monitoring is key to security

Without appropriate monitoring and logging, it is impossible to prevent, detect or address an attack in time.

Who attacked you?

Backtracking an attack to its source can be very difficult, without SIEM is almost impossible.

Best practices

Up-to-date Training is indispensable

An organization is safe only when all staff is trained and alarmed about contemporary cyber threats. Ignorance can be catastrophic, even clicking a link can start a chain reaction that can lead to total system compromise.

Secure your Information

Data is never safe unless encrypted. Start encrypting your sensitive information, and limit access by implementing standarized policies.

Secure Coding

The second biggest goal of cyber-attacks against organizations (after their users), are the company’s applications and websites.