With thousands of users and companies hit by WannaCry last month, a new threat is now lurking the cyberspace
While some Users and Administrators suffered from Wannacry, they learned a valuable lesson. Always be on the latest update.
But there are still many unaware users/administrators who never update their machines.

Enter SambaCry
ASPIDA’s Cyber Security Threat Analysis team has already discovered many vulnerable NAS Drives exposed on the internet with SambaCry vulnerability.

This vulnerability allows hackers to get access to a file server almost instantly.
The issue is already fixed and you should update on the latest Linux Samba server. If you didn’t already.
The major issue are NAS Drives, they mostly use samba but to update them you will have to wait an official firmware update from your NAS maker.
First measure of protection is to not have your NAS drive exposed on the internet.
While this does not protect you from insider attacks, it reduces outsider risk.
Make sure you always keep an eye on your samba server until an official update takes place.

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