The ransomware attack created serious problems to a large number of terminals and the problem is still not resolved by the Ministry !According to reliable sources disclosed to SecNews editors, a Ministry of Culture service suffered from a serious attack of malicious ransomware type software.

Specifically, the Ministry of Culture central office employees working for important monuments (not mentioned for reasons of journalistic ethics and mainly because the attack is still ongoing), were faced with an unpleasant surprise when they opened their computers. More than 50 service terminal stations had been affected by malware and ALL files had either been encrypted or become dysfunctional.

ransomware ransomware

In addition, a major database handled  by Ministry employees everyday was targeted during the attack and has become dysfunctional!

As reported, many user terminals had not been backed-up, resulting to files being lost completely. Now the Ministry personnel is trying to reset the files into a functional form!

The above creates food for thought and further research about whether the necessary measures against such cyber attacks were implemented.

Will the new minister and prominent actress Ms. Lydia Koniordou and her team take measures against this incident?

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The ransomware is one of the fastest growing types of cyber attacks. It affects a victim’s device, encodes and locks data and then asks for money (as bitcoin) to release and unlock device data.

In this case, messages demanding money to release the terminals and decrypt the data have not appeared yet.



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