aspida big data award

We won!

On Friday 24th of November, during the ceremony of the 2017 Lloyd’s List Greek Shipping Awards, which was held in Athens, at Athenaeum InterContinental, Aspida won the Lloyd’s List Intelligence Big Data Award.

 This year’s Award ceremony was inspired by the challenging future the Shipping Industry is currently facing: transitioning from the old, traditional Industry to a more contemporary and advanced, digital era and all benefits and concerns it brings. Aspida embraces this advancement and is committed to assist by developing innovative yet practical solutions for the Shipping Industry. The Lloyd’s List Intelligence Big Data Award highlights and validates Aspida’s efforts.

Aspida impressed the LLI evaluation panel with their Nemesis VSIEM (Vessel Security Information and Event Management) platform, designed to harness diverse, remote information in the cause of enhancing maritime cyber security. To provide a coherent security overview, Nemesis overcomes sporadic satellite links to secure information, ingested from a wide variety of communication and control systems installed across multiple vessels. LLI praised Aspida’s Nemesis for delivering a wide range of proven benefits – from ongoing threat detection to advice on how to strengthen security and a platform for training and real-time crisis support.   

This particular award originates from the significant potential Big Data has to transform shipping; from timely insights drawn from real-time monitoring and forecasting of events, to improved management of performance and risk. For Aspida, Big Data was born out of the necessity of data sets growing so large and complex that traditional tools were no longer sufficient to process. Aggregating large amounts of data from many different sources makes Big Data very powerful for business decision-making, threat intelligence, revealing insights and behaviors faster and better than possible with any traditional means.

Simply put, Aspida has developed a way to protect vessels from any internal or external cyber attack, using Big Data.

More specifically, Aspida’s Cyber Division, has developed Nemesis “VSIEM”, a Vessel Security Information and Event management platform,  which is a unique implementation of an unprecedented managed security system for vessels. Nemesis endpoints are installed individually on every vessel we monitor and gathers security data; It has the ability to correlate and report back data collected from Servers, Bridge Computers, Network Devices, SCADAs/PLCs, or any other PC onboard. This data is analyzed to allow detection of cyber attack attempts and other potentially malicious activity.

Mr. Panos G. Moraitis, CEO of Aspida Group commented on the award:

“Our team is thrilled for earning this award, and we will keep innovating on tackling new threats as they appear. Stay tuned for more developments at the forefront of tech”


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