Established in 1989, the Seatrade Awards recognise, reward and honour the achievements of the maritime industry.

This year has been the most competitive year ever for the Seatrade Awards, attracting the highest number of entries on record.

Aspida Group has been shortlisted in two categories:

Cyber Security Award
This award is about recognizing a solution to the challenge of improving the robustness, accessibility and cost effectiveness in cyber security across the whole maritime industry. ASPIDA’s Cyber Division has combined cyber security expertise with long experience in Maritime Risk Management, and can provide a variety of services specially designed for the Maritime Industry which faces today the challenges of digitalization. ASPIDA can assist in training, consultancy, security planning and can perform advanced services onboard vessels that include risk assessment and penetration testing. ASPIDA’s innovations include VSIEM (Vessel Security Information & Event Management) which is an easy-to-deploy platform aiming to detect and mitigate cyber threats on contemporary vessels, alerting trained professionals ashore for any suspicious activity on vessel’s infrastructure. Our team at ASPIDA is honoured to see our innovations being recognised, and we can only maintain focus on our goal, which is providing straightforward solutions to secure organizations from all contemporary threats.

Corporate Social Responsibility
This award recognises a leading corporate social responsibility (CSR) policy or initiative delivered in the last year. While being a company that keeps evolving, ASPIDA strongly believes that giving back to the community is essential: it sponsors an Olympic-winning heptathlon athlete (Sofia Yfantidou), a dressage Greek champion (Natassa Nidrioti), and is a strong supporter of Emergency Response Centre International (ERCI), a Greek nonprofit organisation that provides emergency response and humanitarian aid in times of crisis. Formed as a response to the Syrian refugee crisis in Greece, ERCI has helped more than 47,000 refugees and migrants fleeing conflict reach safety by providing Search and Rescue operations in the Aegean sea, medical services in refugee camps in Greece and education to refugee children and youth.

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