Aspida at SFS18

Aspida sponsors & participates the Tradewinds Singapore Shipowners Forum 2018

The 2nd run of the TradeWinds Shipowners Forum Singapore was held in conjunction with Singapore Iron Ore Week this year and attracted more than 250 high profile delegates to convene at Marina Bay Sands Convention Centre on May 22nd.

Aspida participated in the high profile event sponsoring the Wet Session and launching the new branding of Nemesis

Dry Session, Dry Dynamics & Future State of Freight

2017 saw a significant improvement in both the BDI and charter rates across all vessel classes due to a high level of demolitions, coupled with reasonable demand side increases and for the first time in years, a recovery may be setting up in the long-run. The panel will touch on some of the key lessons learnt from 2017 and discuss potential developments moving forward, especially from the impact of China’s position on air pollution and coal quality. Other topics for discussion include bulk carrier orderbook: newbuildings as opposed to Second-Hand and Consolidation Outlook: whether more mergers are in store. Lastly, can Blockchain make a real difference in changing the face of global trade? How can Blockchain potentially be of greater use by commodities traders? What are the risks and rewards?

Wet-Session, Tanker Shipping Outlook & 2020 Fuel Crunch

2017 has continued to be a challenging year for tanker market but given the outlook on supply and demand, is 2018 the bottom for crude tankers? How will product tankers fare, given the underperformance and high demand? How are owners responding to tighter regulation with the onset of the 2020 Fuel Crunch? The Panel will touch on LNG, Scrubbers and other marine diesel oils. Will Charterers drive fuel compliance? Is it only the oil majors who set the rules and create the market, or can/do owners have influence too?

More photos from the event can be accessed on the flickr album here.