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Cyber Security Solutions

Founded in 2010, ASPIDA, a pioneer in Maritime Security, is an organisation managing risk in the maritime and energy sectors.
The evolving risk profile faced by shipping due to the digitalisation of the industry, combined with our natural drive to innovate, led us to the creation of our Cyber Security Division.
Combining existing maritime risk tools and methodologies with information security proficiency, ASPIDA is recognised as a global leader in Maritime Cyber Security.
Our Cyber Division can provide state-of-the-art, user friendly and cost efficient solutions appropriate for every ship management company.

We have the most extensive maritime-specific portfolio of cybersecurity services, including cyber risk management services (vessel cybersecurity assessment, security audit & gap analysis, ethical hacking), Managed Security Services (provided by a fully manned 24/7/365 Information Security Operations Center), Accredited Training, advisory on Governance & Compliance, and Digital Forensics to the ship and the office thus covering all 3 pillars of cyber security; peopleprocedures and technology.

Our flagship product, the award winning nemesis, is an innovative managed security solution developed in-house by ASPIDA, enabling monitoring and prompt discovery of cyber threats on vessels. Easy to deploy and extremely cost effective, Nemesis was designed from scratch to address all inherent problems of providing information security on a vessel.

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